• Will this product return / Come as another product?

    Possibly, depending on demand. If we do, we’ll be sure to send newsletter so sign up for our mailing list!

  • When will my product ship?

    We try our best to ship the next day. However, things sometimes get hectic. If the product description does not include a specific ship date then it will ship within 1 week. If placed Friday, it will ship Monday or after.  If your order is a week old we will be sure to contact you to update on the whereabouts. If the week plus delay is our fault we will be sure to refund partial shipping cost and/or include a free gift

  • Can  I return an order?

    We will accept undamaged, unused merchandise. We will ask for a photo of proof of product state before sending a return shipping label. You will have to pay to have a product sent back to you so please be sure to check sizing charts before ordering t shirts. If just returning, we will refund you upon receipt of the item. *Claim must be made within 2 days of receiving the package.

  • How do I maintain the mugs/shot glasses?

    All mugs and shot glasses are dishwasher safe. Refrain from harsh scrubbing.

  • How do I take care of the shirts/hoodies?

    Be sure to turn your shirt/hoodie inside out while washing to prevent the lettering from being damaged in the wash. Air dry to best maintain shape.

  • If I received a damaged glass/mug will you replace it?

    Yes! While broken glasses are uncommon in as they are mailed in indestructible mailers, accidents happen. Simply snap a photo and send it over and we will have another mailed out ASAP!

  • Is your business Black owned?

    BLK Proverbs is and will always be Black owned. It is primarily run by one Black woman. Graphic design and art direction is another Black woman. Social Media director again, Black woman. We are all Black, all day!

  • Where do you get your designs?

    BLK Proverbs began a blog of run from community submissions which means, all of us (Black People)! We curate the ones the best align with the mission and intention of the brand. All designs are copyrighted.